Photograph of Charles Acheson

Charles Acheson

Doctoral Candidate

Department of English

University of Florida

About Me

My Background

Hi! I'm a 32-year-old queer cancer survivor and doctoral candidate of comics studies at the University of Florida with plans to complete and defend my dissertation in Summer 2020. Although I've lived in Gainesville for four years, I'm originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and have yet to acclimate to the heat and sun in any way, shape, or form. I'm presently on the job market and wouldn't mind seeing snow again.

Professional Interests

My scholarly work incorporates comics studies, memory and trauma theory, adaptation and remix studies, transnational adaptation, environmental literature, and queer theory. You can find a complete list of my work, thus far, under the Curriculum Vitae tab. In addition to scholarly research, I enjoy my role as an editor for ImageTexT.

Personal Interests

After reading comics for so long, I have started making my own (as well as other illustrative work), and I am a proud capital-A Amateur. I enjoy sitting around Gainesville nature areas and sketching. When not drawing, I regularly hike around Paynes Prairie and hang out with the local alligators. I travel often and am working on visiting all 61 national parks. Aside from the natural world, another major interest of mine is tattoos. After my cancer treatment left my body permanently altered, I decided to dedicate my body as a canvas to the artwork of others as a means of making the world more colorful and beautiful. Our bodies should be a celebration of our humanity, as we choose them to be. Thus, I've completed two sleeves and am currently working on a chest piece.